Radio Tudor

Sarah Montague Maud and Lara 2.JPG
Head girls Maud and Lara with Sarah Montague

Weeks of planing and preparation for Radio Tudor reached fruition as we took eight radio stations live, simultaneously, for 1 hour on Wednesday, 27th June.

It can sound glib, but the girls were truly a credit to themselves and to the school. Over the course of the morning, they traveled en masse to Banbury, working in small groups and interviewing people in many and varied roles. Emails of thanks, complimenting the girls for their work were arriving before they had even returned to school.

The event was opened by the World at One’s Sarah Montague, who prepared the girls with a masterclass on interview technique: how to slow things down and set someone at ease by asking a long, simple question and when to get them thinking and working harder. She encouraged them to do their research and ask questions which would cut to the heart of the matter. Listening to the broadcasts later that afternoon, it was evident that both lessons had been learned.

Time was against the groups; as their stations went live at three, the pressure was on to edit their audio using the iOS version of Garageband, a Digital Audio Workspace which was unfamiliar to most girls.

No, the results were not polished, but this was a learning experience which connected the girls as they worked in tight teams chasing even tighter deadlines and, equally importantly, connected them with the local community – with its hardships, successes and generosity.

We thank the town of Banbury for extending the school such a warm welcome.

Listen to some of the audio here:

Using words to paint pictures at the Little Amsterdam restaurant

2 girls interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford about their experiences on Radio Tudor at Prodrive

Girls interviewing Mervi, owner of Belflair Chocolates




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