Oxford Information Day


Girls in the IVs, Vs and LVI who are interested in finding out more about Oxford University and how best to prepare to apply to Oxford and Cambridge visited Oxford yesterday. They started at the Bodleian’s Weston Library where they saw how a world-class library sets Oxford apart and gives its students unique opportunities.

The group then spent a couple of hours at Merton College with a current student, touring the college and learning about the historic Upper Library – the world’s oldest continuously functioning library for university academics and students. They saw how it changed with the advent of a revolutionary new European technology – the bookshelf.

A practical session on biodiversity and evolution at Natural History Museum followed next. The group – well, some if it – handled hissing cockroaches and saw divergent evolution in action as the smaller male roaches tried nibbling the antennae off their larger, slower rivals but, to keep things fair, the larger roaches were more successful at pushing them around.

There was just time left to visit Keble College and to take in Butterfield’s Victorian Gothic chapel and Holman Hunt’s ‘The Light of World’, which hangs casually on the wall in the side chapel.

The visit opened the university up to the girls and we’ll follow this up with 1:1 discussions over the term.


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